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HAs, CIs and the Phone

I have found that it’s incredibly difficult to match hearing aids with phones. I have had luck with them until my last cell phone. Before it was strictly Samsung cell phones and 900 megahertz cordless phones, but then I couldn’t find a Samsung phone or any cell phone that would work with my hearing aid. So I finally settled on a Blackberry and used speakerphone to talk to people. I avoided talking on the phone at all costs.

Today I went to Cingular… I mean, AT&T. I wanted to do a quick check with their phones. The last time I went, I couldn’t hear on any of their phones with my hearing aid on T-Coil. I went through one after another, trying to find the phone for me. I gave up because I felt bad, I’m sure the people working there may have been a wee bit annoyed with me for taking home each phone on stock (even though they were pretty nice!). But I settled and got one I couldn’t hear on. Well I walked in today and the VERY first phone I tried came through loud and clear as a bell. I couldn’t believe it. I was actually a little annoyed that a lady working there came and interrupted my perfect phone call. But I walked around to other phones and tried them to make sure my ears weren’t deceiving me. They weren’t. After a second check after trying other static-y phones, I confirmed that this one was absolutely static-less and I was doing somersaults. Unfortunately, I am not up for an upgrade for another five months. Ugh. The upgrade price at the local store was $99.99 and the regular price is $169.99. The regular price isn’t too bad for the ability to have a-more-private conversation, so my husband and I are considering it. I have to talk to Cingular…ahem, AT&T tomorrow and see if I can get a second line on my plan or something and be paying the same I do now for voice on my Blackberry. Or I may switch everything, but I would really miss my ability to check e-mails so easily on my Blackberry. My various subscriptions to e-mail lists keep me company during boring times of my life.

Now the other problem is the fact that I may be getting a cochlear implant. So tonight I have been researching if it would work with a Cochlear CI. The Motorola v3xx has a T3 and M3 hearing aid compatibility – this is the phone that came through as clear as a bell. I am asking my Cochlear buddy which the Freedom works with. I’ll let you know!

The Motorola V3XX in gold:

Motorola V3XX in gold