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Gallaudet on Probation No More

It was announced last night that Gallaudet University has been taken off of probation. I’m happy to hear the news and hope that they continue to make improvements, not just until they are re-accredited for 10 years, but beyond that. The fact that their probationary status wasn’t supposed to be decided until the spring is a great thing to hear about, and I hope to see Gallaudet continue their push to excel as they have done over the past year.

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Robert Davila Talks about CIs

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The president of Gallaudet makes it a point to show that CIs don’t change who a person is.

Sound is Vibration

A person banging on a drum at a Gallaudet football practice.


I was telling some friends the other day: sound is vibration. Your ears pick up sound because it’s a specific type of vibration. But, there are other ways of “hearing”.

Many schools for the deaf bang on a drum to signify the end of a play or a touchdown. Gallaudet no longer uses their drum except at practice as shown above.