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Why I Like Options

Options, to me, open doors. My father used this analogy once: the more options you have, the more doors available (i.e. opportunities) but you kind of have to make sure you have access options through preparation. Well he didn’t say that exactly, but that’s what I took from it.

The Inauguration was like that for me in a couple of ways. We were planning to watch it at work and I spent a couple of days trying to find it captioned. The tricky part was to find it live streamed since we don’t have TV. I was really happy that I was able to find this opportunity. I e-mailed the link to my IT guy and we were ready to go. Then the night before I noted another link that was being passed around for the Inauguration in ASL. I already had a plan so I didn’t think much of it. Come Inauguration morning, I noticed that we were having issues with the Internet. We couldn’t get on the Web site that had the captions due to the enormous amount of traffic! We tried and tried, but without success. So I told my IT guy to find it live streamed on another Web site and I would try the link with ASL. Success! I was able to watch Obama’s speech live in ASL. I was so thankful that I knew ASL, or this opportunity would not have been available to me and I would have missed it.

After the speech, I went back to my office. I had a lot to work on! I took off my hearing aid but left my Cochlear Implant on. I do this sometimes to give my ears some rest. It’s hard work trying to hear all of the time! After awhile, I realized I was hearing, with just my cochlear implant, the end of the National Anthem from three office doors down the hallway! That is amazing, I don’t think I could recognize that with my hearing aid.

I think it’s amazing what you can do with a little awareness, a skill or a tool. Something to think about and expand on.


Nine More Days (and some odd hours)!

I’m nervous, but not as much as I was. In fact, in some strange way, I am looking forward to it. I think it’s natural for humans to feel curious. I just hope I can get though it without any technical glitches and surgery mishaps, and focus on learning how to hear with this piece of technology.

Maybe I should say something, in honor of Abbie, like “9 days until I go Bionic!” 🙂

I am so happy I’m doing it in Texas. I have a huge support system over there and that just makes me look forward to it. This is not to say I don’t have one in New Orleans – it is still growing and is a year and a half old. In fact, I know that support system is routing for me as much as the one in Texas is annnndddd taking care of my two dogs.

Oh, here’s some other news. Today is my and my husband’s first wedding anniversary! He got me the best gift: horseback riding lessons and some beautiful cowboy boots. You have to know the story, to know just how special it is. When I was younger, I LOVED horses. I would read every horse-related book I could get my hands on. So I asked my parents for horseback riding lessons and started going. I loved it. I still even remember my horse’s name: Spud. Well about six weeks into it (or maybe less) the insurance company told me I was not allowed to go back because I was deaf. I was really depressed, but closed that chapter and went on to play soccer. I have been on horses a few times since, but they weren’t lessons or ongoing.

A Cat with a Cochlear Implant – TRUE BUSINESS

And he/she does not look happy…

Cat with a cochlear implant

The photo is from this Web site of John Hopkins University.

Visual description: An all-white cat with the magnet part of the CI stuck in the very middle of his/her head right between two perky ears. It is linked to a box attached to the collar (very much like the Cochlear Implants that children use – one that is not all behind the ear).

Only deaf people will get this Super Bowl ad

PepsiCo’s 60 seconds of utter silence will stump the hearing

The Super Bowl is having an all-signed commercial with captions for the signing-impaired.

The joke as I know it goes like this: A deaf man and his wife are tired so they pull into a hotel. They check in. The wife goes to sleep immediately. The husband however is thirsty, so he goes to find the vending machine. Upon returning, he can’t remember which room they’re staying in. After thinking for a bit, he gets an idea. He goes to the car and leans on the horn. All the lights in the rooms lit up except one. “ah ha!” He thinks. “That’s my room!”

The interesting thing about all of this is that it is NAD’s (National Association of the Deaf) press release that says the commercial will be captioned, but AP (Associated Press) makes no mention of it that I can find.

Actual commercial!!!

Making of the commercial

Official Web site

CIs Improve Quality of Life for Prelingually Deaf Adults

From The Laryngoscope: Cochlear Implant Outcomes and Quality of Life in Adults with Prelingual Deafness

Not sure how significant this study is as they only have eight participants.  I also don’t really see how they did this study or what its participant’s backgrounds are. Anyone have a password?

Deaf Man Tasered

From KWCH: Hearing Impaired Man Tasered by Police

You know it’s big news when it makes the Drudge Report. I’m still not sure what to say to this. I don’t know all the details. I don’t know enough to know how harmful tasers are. At one point, I believe the deaf man disappeared and then reappeared which would’ve made police nervous. Then again, he was also wearing nothing but a towel.

I think over all the public relations as a result of this incident has been good. The police are meeting with deaf community members. They’re talking about it in a calm manner. It sounds like they’re trying to make changes to keep it from happening again. Of course, one wishes that they did this before the event took place. But for such an awful event, the end results seem to be positive. I hope it continues to be that way for both sides.

Texting to Get Your Cab

From the BBC News: Text-a-Taxi for the Deaf Started

I love, LOVE the idea of being able to text to get a cab. Does any taxi company in America already do this? If not, any takers?!?!