The CI & the Phone

Today I decided to call a friend up on my cell phone. I’ve been having a difficult time with the cell phone – worse than I thought it should be, and have generally been avoiding it. I decide I would do something radical and try hearing with my implant. That didn’t work so well. I heard the first two sentences, but not well since it wasn’t louder than the background noise. I turn it to T-switch which makes it worse. I finally just switch it over to my hearing aid. I’m playing around with the implant while I’m doing this. I decide I would just turn it on with the setting that reduces background noise. So I have my cell phone pressed up against my left ear, my hearing aid side, and my implant on my right ear. Lo and behold, I’m understanding her a lot better. Not only that but she reveals to me that she’s no longer having to yell into the phone for me to hear her. I am some how able to improve my understanding of her by using my implant that’s on the opposite side of my head! How that works, I don’t quite get… but it works.

Wow… just wow. I am so glad.


One response to “The CI & the Phone

  1. YAY!! Thanks for calling, by the way. I have been such a hermit for the last month or so. Miss you!!

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