It’s the Small Things

I think over all, it is difficult to tell if having a cochlear implant is better than not having one (in as far as hearing goes). However there are some interesting things I’ve noticed:

  1. My car sounds like it’s falling apart. Seriously, I hear all the parts rattling around. I had no idea cars made that much noise. Being in New Orleans does not help because there are so many potholes.
  2. The TV is so loud. My husband has a hearing loss. When he watches it, he turns the volume up to the 50s area. When I wear my implant that is ridiculously loud. I turn it all the way down to the 20s or even teens. Holy cow. I tease him by asking “are you deaf or something?”
  3. My radio is significantly quieter too. I love listening to talk radio and could understand most of it with just my hearing aid. However, I had the volume on max. Now I turn the volume down to quiiiiieett. I’m sure the people outside of my car appreciate that. I can’t quite understand the words though, but I’m getting there.

One response to “It’s the Small Things

  1. that’s awesome that some things can be heard better! as for the tv volume… i do the same. and when i’m with yer husband, i usually have to turn it WAY up, but that’s so i can hear the tv over his laughter 🙂

    best… laugh… EVER! (but you can’t turn that down)

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