Listening Therapy

I worked on some listening therapy tonight with my husband and “Making the Connection” (a book) from Advanced Bionics. It was really interesting what I did and did not “get”. My worst phrase by far was “Bye-bye”. I guessed anywhere from “satellite” to “formaldehyde”. After much repetition and more goofy guesses, I was finally able to get it. I swear… I won’t be able to tell that people are leaving! I will probably be too busy looking up to the heavens or in a FEMA trailer.

I did the best with sentences and even got “purple monkey dynamite”. **Disclaimer: THAT is not in the book – my husband used his creative license and threw it in there. You can tell this is probably one of his favorite phrases… and you would be right.


3 responses to “Listening Therapy

  1. Making the Connection is a wonderful package. But I have to admit in the revised version they need to place “purple monkey dynamite” in it – that’s cute!!

  2. Awesome new layout, by the way!

    Purple Monkey Dynamite doesn’t surprise me in the least.

    ps – we’ve moved – yay! Next time you’re in town, you must come see the new house!

  3. wow. that’s great that you can do these exercises together, tho i’m not sure if yer husband is doing more harm than good… lol

    although, i will say i get told purple monkey dynamite far more times than goodbye, so who knows…

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