I Got Bells

Yesterday was activation day! It started off with a series of tests that weren’t meant for me to hear. Followed by beeps. I was told to count the number of beeps. Except they didn’t sound anything like beeps – more like head throbs. I was counting the number of head throbs they were giving me! After awhile they started to sound more like sounds than throbs. Finally, came the interesting part – going live! All I could hear was bells… not the pretty ones that churches ring, but raspy, staticy bells.  At first the bells were constant. The room was small and there wasn’t much noise in there. The audiologist told me that they had a loud computer fan in the room and I was probably hearing that. That was pretty neat because even though it sounded awful, the cochlear implant WAS picking that up. This is something I wouldn’t be able to hear with my hearing aid. With speech, since my hearing aid is on, it sounds like an bellsy echo after each word.

I was turned off and sent home after an hour. Today we went back and learned how to use it. It was awful to put on because the stimulation was so overwhelming. Since then I had it on pretty much all day. After I took it off to rest for about 30 minutes and then put it back on, it was painful and took a long time to get used to again. I think taking it off and putting it back on again 15, 30 or more minutes later is worse than just wearing it, no matter how annoying the bells are.

Things I hear:

  • The clicking of the keys and wheel on my Blackberry.
  • The clicking of the keys on the keyboard.
  • Water is VERY loud. The worst is when I flush the toilet.
  • The bottle cap screwing on and off.
  • I think I’m starting to hear paper.

My audiologist told me to keep wearing my hearing aid. I think that helps with picking up these sounds.

I was given 8 programs – four on each external piece. The volume goes up 10 points including 0 so I have about 80 stages to go through in two weeks if I feel comfortable enough to do it. I’m up to volume 4 on program 2. I’m sure tomorrow morning, I will be turning it waaay down. Ow.

We took a video of it. Hopefully, we can clip that and caption it before putting it up. It’s kind of funny because when I first start hearing something, I literally jumped out of my chair each time.


4 responses to “I Got Bells

  1. Dang, I didn’t realize how quick you were getting activated! your activation seems like it went normal as normal could go. It will get better and better 🙂

    Believe me, you will know paper if you hear it 🙂 It is very, very annoying 🙂

  2. Wheee! Water IS loud!!! I hate hate hate hate hate wearing my processor int he bathroom, especially the damn toliet flushing! Now you know my paaaain in the bathroom, mwahahahaha! =) Just kidding about the last part, but yeah, it’s fanastic that you’re hearing all that! =)

  3. Abbie –

    I’m pretty sure I’ve figured out what paper is now. I also found that I hate the sound of crinkling plastic bags and the opening of soda cans. My husband was teasing me the other day about that and brought up the way pencils sound on paper. I didn’t even have to hear it to actually shutter!

    Tracy –

    Yup, water is pretty loud. I keep trying to run away from the toilet while it’s flushing. That doesn’t work that well though.

  4. Running away from the toliet wouldn’t work. =) I usually just turn off the processor when I go to the bathroom. I don’t even want to hear myself peeing! =)

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