Brown or Black?

I know that before I said I might be interested in trying out the pink or blue one, but I’ve seen them and they’re just too bright to me. If they could tone it down a bit, I would consider it.

I have to pick out two colors by tomorrow afternoon (noonish?). I’ve already decided on silver (which looks a little blueish) and either brown or black. Here are some photos:



Let me know!

Eight days to go.


5 responses to “Brown or Black?

  1. I’m digging the black one!

  2. I’d go with brown, it blends into your hair easier. =) I usually get silver/brown, the brown being the part where it goes into your hair to attach to your implant, and the silver being color changeable to any colors. =)

  3. Erm, that was ME as Danica Slade!!! Sorry!

  4. i like the black 🙂

  5. Hey!

    You know, you can get the coil in a different color, just ask your audiologist. I have beige processor, and brown coil. OR you can get two BTE, and two Mini-BTE (and that way you can change the colors of the bottom). You also can change the colors of the microphone protectors. 🙂

    I read on your older posts – Just a note – you CAN use regular hearing aid batteries. They just drain a little bit faster. So, if you’re in a emergency rut or whatever, and forgot to bring your extra batteries, you CAN use regular HA 675s. This is a BIG bonus compared to Harmony users. They only have rechargeable batteries.

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