The Lyric

The Lyric is a hearing aid that is completely in the canal. It doesn’t look like you can take it out on your own (I could be wrong!). It looks like you have to go into see the audiologist every 120 days for either a replacement or a new battery. He or she takes it out and puts it back in. There are probably two reasons why this hearing aid is not for me.

1. I ENJOY the silence. It’s a comforting feeling to be able to take off my hearing aid at the end of the day and drift off into blissful sleep. No thunderstorms or leaky facets can penetrate my range of hearing while that hearing aid is not in my ear.

2. I have the lovely “power aid”. While technology has advanced (and the sparkles and colors have been added – such as the Brite hearing aid for your neighborhood’s friendly flesh-tone alien) for the crowd that is not yet FDA eligible for the cochlear implant, the hearing aids for my range of hearing has been virtually advance-less. As a matter of fact, the last time I went in to try on a new hearing aid, there wasn’t anything new on the market and I ended up just getting the same hearing aid that I had before. I gather that this “Lyric” is probably not going to be strong enough for me. It would make sense, because there isn’t that much of a hearing aid market for my hearing loss any more – mostly everyone is turning towards the cochlear implants. At least they’re somewhat colorful 🙂


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