A Long Awaited Update

There’s a lot going on with life now, and I’ve just not had the chance to get on here. There’s not much going on either with my CI process, however there’s a lot going on in the news that I’ve been thinking about lately and I would like to post some of those thoughts on here either today or in the next few days.

According to some people, my insurance application was submitted last Monday to my insurance company. “Some people” would be my insurance advocate at Cochlear and one person at the insurance company. However, I talked to someone else at my insurance company who said they didn’t have my information and that I would need to ask my doctor to resubmit the information. Sigh. However, if it really was turned in on Monday, then they told me that it takes 30 business days to process. So that means I’ll know by April 11. Kind of a weird feeling.

On another note, the hospital that did my CT Scan is frothing at the mouth and has sent me a letter asking me to expedite the process so they can get paid. Apparently, I have a preexisting condition and my insurance company isn’t giving them the time of day. I’ve dealt with insurance mumble jumble in a large quantity before and it’s not fun.


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