Only deaf people will get this Super Bowl ad

PepsiCo’s 60 seconds of utter silence will stump the hearing

The Super Bowl is having an all-signed commercial with captions for the signing-impaired.

The joke as I know it goes like this: A deaf man and his wife are tired so they pull into a hotel. They check in. The wife goes to sleep immediately. The husband however is thirsty, so he goes to find the vending machine. Upon returning, he can’t remember which room they’re staying in. After thinking for a bit, he gets an idea. He goes to the car and leans on the horn. All the lights in the rooms lit up except one. “ah ha!” He thinks. “That’s my room!”

The interesting thing about all of this is that it is NAD’s (National Association of the Deaf) press release that says the commercial will be captioned, but AP (Associated Press) makes no mention of it that I can find.

Actual commercial!!!

Making of the commercial

Official Web site


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