CI Evaluation Appointments – Round 2

After sending my insurance information to the new place, within four to five business days I got an e-mail back with appointments scheduled for a CT Scan, Medical Eval., and CI Eval. – all approved by my insurance company. WOW. The appointments are all scheduled on the 27 and 28, a week from today. So wish me luck.

I’m still having a negative view on the implant. In the beginning of this whole thing, I was excited about hearing things. Now, not so much. I do well with my one hearing aid. I can understand voices and environmental sounds pretty well. It’s not like I can’t hear anything. Is a CI really going to be that much better? Or are the people who are so happy with the CI, hearing at the same level as what I hear now?

With hearing people, I feel so frustrated. I often think they’re lazy, they don’t care to get to know me, they don’t care to know how to try, they don’t try. Why should I try? I’ve tried my whole life, and I’m still trying. I don’t get much of a reward for it. This worries me more and more lately. I feel so at ease, so at home using sign language. I feel myself. Trying to have a verbal conversation with people makes me feel awkward. My husband would argue that it’s not the people who make me feel at home (people who know sign versus people who don’t know sign) but the fact that I love to communicate and that when I can’t do it proficiently I feel frustrated. I’m trying to keep my focus there, but it’s been hard to lately.


3 responses to “CI Evaluation Appointments – Round 2

  1. Hi there. While I can’t say what level of deafness you have and the outcome you will get from a CIA. However, I do know that I have a 120+ dcbl loss in both ears (useless!). I had a CI 5 years ago. The difference is outstandingly amazing. Hearing with a CI is absolutely nothing like hearing with a hearing aid. A CI bypasses the damaged section of your ear but a hearing aid is trying to force the sound through the damaged section and cannot make you hear sounds you cannot hear. If your CI is as successful as mine has been, then you will be able to again hear the sounds you’ve been missing. You’ll be able to stop trying (to communicate/hear). It all pretty much comes naturally just as it did before I lost me hearing. Have a look at the stories on the web-site (URL above).

    BTW we all have the same doubts that you have… CIs are for deaf people; I do well with a hearing aid; so why should I have one;,do I need to hear better? etc.

    It is a big decision but all things being equal look forward to an amazing change in your life.

    Regards Felicity

  2. I’m not going to sugar coat this but I wear a CI and HA in my not so good ear now. The CI helps me hear SOOOOO much better. What my HA does not pick up the CI does, and what lacks in the lower frequencies of the CI is picked up by the HA. They are a happy couple 🙂

    I would just get so exhausted at the end of the day trying to have a conversation. People would think I was a bitch of sorts. Far from the truth. Now I can walk with my held high.

  3. I have two advanced bionic harmonies. I was implanted bilaterally on the 19th of July 2007. I have never once second guesses. I can’t believe the sound and how crispy the sound is. I am up to around 96% bilaterally sentence comprehension with my CIs. I hope you come up with your answer and your choice will make you happy.

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