Something to Mull Over

I want you to sit back and think about what I’m about to ask. Don’t answer right away, just think. The answer, to me, is overwhelming.

For non-cochlear implantees – Isn’t the very thought of having a computer chip logged in your skull so close to the brain, astonishing? You have to go through that day in and day out. What would that be like? Forget what you’re hearing, just by having it THERE, what would that be like?

For cochlear implantees – How do you feel about this? I think a lot of people having generally positive hearing experiences, but what about just having that THING in your head?

Quite frankly, it scares me to have anything artificial in my body on a permanent basis. I think after awhile you’ll probably get use to it. But sometimes I just sit back and let the thought overwhelm me. I know it’s probably not good, but I can’t help being in awe.


3 responses to “Something to Mull Over

  1. After only two months from my CI operation, my head is still a little numb by the side of the implant. Just a little. But it will heal. I can feel the “mouse”, my HiRes90K, through the skin, it’s a small bump. But it’s nothing particularly strange. If I don’t think about it, I don’t remember to have it. And then it’s not so close to the brain, it’s outside and does not disturb at all. Having the THING under the skin is nothing compared to what you can do with the thing: a lot of things that before you could not even think to do.
    Good luck

  2. That THING or as I call it my buddy is just there. I hardly feel it. I don’t feel it IN my head, I feel it under the skin. For being artificial, it amazes me day in and day out. To me it feels as natural as one getting their boobs done.

  3. I said:
    “And then it’s not so close to the brain, it’s outside and does not disturb at all”
    Sorry I forgot a word, I meant “it’s outside of the skull”
    English is not my primary language

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