Back to Square One

After much struggle with the surgeon’s office and still no real answer as to why they don’t think I’m a CI candidate, I got an rude e-mail saying that because I wasn’t a “patient” (whatever the Hell that means) the doctor will offer no more medical advice over the phone/e-mail/whatever. My husband and I decided that if they didn’t think I was already a patient then they weren’t going to get one and that they were just trying to make extra money off of me. Now we’re starting back at square one and going with another surgeon. This event has soured me some and I hope to God that this new place isn’t rude to me like the last one. Basically it sounds like the dude who runs that office is on some sort of power trip and can’t keep the office in good shape (thus the loss of my personal information and the fact that my husband called them on Monday – as in yesterday – and they didn’t EVEN know who I was).

I have higher hopes with the new place. This office has been my ENT and audiologist since I was two. My father has a hearing loss in one ear which resulted from a surgery in his teens. I think they removed his mastoid bone due to an ear infection, but when they found out I was deaf, I went to see my dad’s ENT. The ENT that we shared for so long (most of my life) has since retired. The audiologist isn’t the same either. But they have my ear medical records since birth and know my hearing health pretty well (I at least hope!). This place is also supposed to be really good, even better than the one that I was going to have the surgery at.

I still am a bit soured. I was supposed to have my surgery date by now. I wasn’t supposed to be back at square one. I was having all these images of hearing things or something by Christmas.


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