The Last Week

I want to vent some of my frustration that has been plaguing me for the last week. I e-mailed my surgeon’s office at least three times in the last month asking them to keep me updated on the process with my insurance. As I said before, they should have all my information and all I had to do was wait right? Well, I finally received an e-mail on Monday. At first, it didn’t make sense. They were outlining a plan for me that wasn’t mine. Finally after several e-mails I realized that they simply didn’t have my CI Evaluation. I e-mailed my audiologist in Texas hoping that she could sort some of this out, because the women I were talking over e-mails weren’t getting what I was trying to tell them. So my audiologist called them. Turns out they didn’t have my birth date either and they neglected to tell me that on Monday. I pulled out the e-mail I knew was there. They had e-mailed me early November requesting my birthday as the insurance company wouldn’t talk to them about me without it. I had immediately responded with my birth date. Now they’re telling me that they never got it. Well my audiologist gave it to them and told me that I was right; they didn’t have my CI eval. Several e-mails and two days later (Thursday) my audiologist in New Orleans sent my CI evaluation again, this time by fax instead of snail mail. I called to make sure they got it. They did. Most of my frustration stemmed from the fact that I felt like these ladies weren’t paying attention to me (although one did say that she was on vacation) and the fact that they lost my personal information.

I feel like I am bad mouthing them, which I don’t mean to do. I’m simply frustrated and annoyed and I had higher hopes for their abilities.

It was today that I found out that my surgeon said I wasn’t a CI candidate. The e-mail I received did not tell me why except that I didn’t meet certain FDA requirements. I would like to know where exactly I failed the FDA requirements. There were four separate tests for the CI eval. There was also the audiogram. What I think happened though was that I did too well on two of the CI eval. tests, but my audiologist in New Orleans said that even though I did *borderline* because I did so poorly on the other two, she would recommend the implant. It’s not like I’m trying to implant my “good ear”! I’m trying to do the one that doesn’t work at all. The good ear isn’t even that good either. I guess having one ear that’s severe-to-profoundly deaf is too “good” of hearing for me to have an implant to the other ear that’s profoundly deaf!


2 responses to “The Last Week

  1. Isn’t there another surgeon in the area besides one in texas? I would be highly upset if I did not have any definate answer for why I didn’t meet the requirement. I hope this gets resolved shortly and you get the answer.

  2. I’m going with a different surgeon. I guess I’ll find out from the new person (if he/she doesn’t think I’m a CI candidate – if he/she does think I am, then I’ll know the last office was really just trying to make an extra buck off of me.) I’ve had it with that last office though.

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