An End?

After being told by two audiologists that they would recommend me for the CI. I was told today by the surgeon that I was not a FDA candidate. This doesn’t make any sense to me. Why punish me if I try to make as much use out of the ear I hear with as I can? People who have more hearing than I do are getting these things particularly babies because no one would wait around long enough to see if the baby can make use out of the hearing they do have. Isn’t it the insurance company’s decision to pay for the implant or not? What did they say?

I’m looking into it and I guess I’m going in for more tests. Or maybe this really is a blessing in disguise. Who knows. I’m grumpy today.


2 responses to “An End?

  1. What was the reasoning behind the surgeon saying that you are not an FDA candidate? Is there something wrong with the tests themselves?

  2. I don’t know. I’m waiting to find that out. I sent them an e-mail but the surgeon’s office isn’t so nifty with e-mails which is why it took them forever just to get to this conclusion. I also sent off an e-mail to my advocate-in-arms, my audiologist, and she’s good about getting back to me. I haven’t heard from her either. So I’m just sitting here at work, hoping for a drink.

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