I’m a Poison’s Poison Fan Now

I’ll admit, I’ve never heard them play, but I thought this was neat. The media doesn’t need to look at it as a bad thing. Basically, the blurb below was included in a list of seven “pampered” celebrities and their “ridiculous” pre-show demands in Mental_Floss Magazine.

“5. Poison’s Poison

Pretty standard for a rock band, really. Deli trays, condiments, lots of booze, etc. But what was Poison’s poison? Apparently, pyrotechnics. Their contract also required that all the venue’s smoke and fire detectors be switched off due to the band’s flair for flares. So how do we think the concertgoers would feel knowing that little tidbit? Also very odd, Poison’s rider stipulates that an American Sign Language interpreter must be made available on request for the band’s deaf fans. And the band will need 24 hours’ notice if the ASL interpreter needs the lyrics beforehand. Of course, some critics claim that most of the band’s fan base was deaf (records sold being proof).”

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One response to “I’m a Poison’s Poison Fan Now

  1. really? that’s a “ridiculous” demand?

    that is awesome about Poison! I haven’t heard of them, but I may borrow their cd from the library to see if I like their music…


    Although I do think that the smoke and fire detectors should still be on, but that’s a different battle 🙂

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