November is Almost Half-Way Finished

I’m getting closer to my goal of getting a CI. I’m still a bit unsure about it though. However, I’m trying to press on and get it anyway. My biggest fear is the fact that something so large and BIONIC is going to be stuck in my head. It’s a silly fear to have, but I’m sure a lot of people get it. It seems minor compared to the possible benefits that it may have. I’m also worried about the fact that it might not work for me and I won’t use it; as a result, I will have something that’s not natural and that I’m not using. I worry about feeling claustrophobic about it, in a way.

Anyways, it sounds like my cochlear implant center has all the tests it needs. Now it’s time for the waiting game. They’re talking with my health insurance company. I hope I’m “deaf enough” to get this thing. If I’m not, I’m sure I will be re-doing tests, because that would be insane if the insurance doesn’t approve it.


One response to “November is Almost Half-Way Finished

  1. That fear was a conditional one with me. It is still weird when I run my hand over where the magnet is. Everything that you are feeling or thinking is totally organic in nature when it comes to them sticking that thing in you.

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