Today’s the Day (finally!)

My appointment is at 2 p.m. so I will probably head out of work around 1, grab some lunch on the way and arrive at the hospital. From there, I get to fill out insurance information, then get another hearing test done before finally seeing the doc for the full eval. So wish me luck, I’m hoping this New Orleans/Texas thing isn’t too complicated.


2 responses to “Today’s the Day (finally!)

  1. I’m patiently waiting to hear about your appointment!!! 🙂
    *drumming fingers on desk*

  2. …let us know…:)

    I’m curious to see what they say! I hope it’s good, but don’t worry if it’s bad…

    I remember my eval., they said I understood too much speech to get one. Slightly borderline. But I perservered, and they relented, implanting me under the category of “research” or something like that. Boy, were they surprised at how much it helped me! A bit of red tape, but SO worth it!

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