Emergency Preparedness Ideas

Yeah! Tonight I found out that we’re under a flood watch BEFORE it started to rain. The bad news is that we’ll be under the flood watch until Tuesday. Lovely. So anyways, I went to a Louisiana Association of the Deaf workshop yesterday morning and part of the workshop was on emergency preparedness. So below is a bit of what I know and got from the workshop.

The National Weather Service (which is part of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) issues the warnings. There’s a map on their home page that shows the areas that have some type of warning going on. So that’s going to be your first source of information. However, they don’t send e-mails as far as I can tell. That’s up to these people – they’re going to be the second in line for the most up-to-date information.

Emergency E-mail

My State USA

Deaf Link

Your local office of emergency preparedness

Deaf Link talked to us yesterday about their system. Apparently you can sign up to receive your messages in ASL (There’s a link that will attach to your e-mail, you click on it and it will pop up). They are currently working to make it cell phone compatible. Not all cell phone companies are set up to have that sort of an application and so they’re working on getting all the companies to standardized their phones to accept this type of an application. Not too sure how this works, but we’ll see what happens. If you are also blind, then you can sign up to receive your alerts in ASL as it will work with a Braille device.

You can purchase a radio that you can attach a vibrating device to or a strobe light. This will alert you when you’re sleeping, however, the text display won’t give you the entire story so it’s always good to go check on the Internet. Go here for more information and possible radios you can purchase.

There are fact sheets every where (including the Web site I gave you on the weather radios) on how to prepare, but so far this is the only place I have found the facts in ASL.


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