Rain, Tornadoes, Storms … Oh My!

It wasn’t until this morning that I woke up and checked my pager that I found that we had a tornado warning in the wee hours of the morning. Lovely. I grew up in the tornado valley of Texas so I’m use to tornado warnings, but I never did expect tornadoes to actually happen here. I went to work one morning a few months ago to find co-workers anxiously talking about a tornado that had hit that morning. Where was it? I asked.

“mufhe, duiwdiu, Uptown, udthne…”

“Wait, Uptown!?!?”


Argh. Turns out the tornado hit seven blocks from where we lived, and I had no clue. Most of my husband’s school had closed down. The law school was open that day, but without AC. No clue that it was even coming. I think the only people who knew were those who had watched the news the night before. We didn’t have cable, or even basic TV at the time. I promised myself I would keep a better eye on the weather through the Internet.

A month or two later, New Orleans announced that you could now sign up to receive city emergency warnings through your pager/cell phone. I signed up immediately.

Except there is one problem with the emergency warning system, they don’t tell you until just before it happens! They didn’t know a waterspout was going to happen over Lake Pontchartrain until an hour before it did! I didn’t even know about it until I looked out of our office window on the 26th floor to see this strange looking tornado hovering over the water. It was a beautiful sight, mind you, but still….Argh! How the heck is anyone supposed to be prepared?

Maybe this is because of my deafness, but I get the feeling that hearies face similar problems.

So once again I have managed to miss an emergency before it happened. Sigh. I checked the newspaper today and it doesn’t seem that a tornado actually formed which is a good thing. But it’s always an interesting concept to walk outside after not hearing it rain all night to discover the wet ground.


One response to “Rain, Tornadoes, Storms … Oh My!

  1. Yikes! I live in tornado alley, so…I’m always like hyper-vigilant. I keep an eye on the weather reports online even if it’s a bright clear day, and when it starts getting stormy, I check the computer compulsively.

    But I haven’t figured out how to be alerted to storms overnight, though. But that cellphone/pager alert system is nice! Even if not exactly timely…

    You’re right, hearies have the same problem. I’m actually more informed than them when it comes to weather. I’ll say “wow, there was a tornado about 15 miles away last night” and they’re like “There was a tornado?”
    Um, yeah, I thought you would hear the sirens?

    I actually don’t mind not hearing the rain all night. Or the storms. Everybody will have dark circles under their eyes in the morning and I’m all fresh and happy. Makes me laugh; it’s a tradeoff I guess.

    Let me know if you figure out how to be alerted properly šŸ™‚ I’m sure everybody else needs to learn it too!

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