More Jokes

I went to a Web site the other day during my lunch break to look for deaf jokes. I spent my lunch break laughing and sharing the laughter with others I thought might appreciate the jokes. My absolute favorite ones on the Web site I found was:

One day at the end of a church meeting, the person conducting asked, “is there was anything more that needs to be brought up before we end the meeting?”
One of the oldest members slowly raised his hand. “Yes. I guess I should tell you that I’m going to have to resign my position.”
Most of the members around the table looked surprised at the gentleman.
He continued, “I went to the doctor the other day. I now have AIDS.”
Astonishment filled the room. As they starred at him in amazement, he went on.
“It’s true. I now have an aid in my left ear and another in my right ear!”
(Kerry Rasmussen from Ogden, Utah swears this is a true story.)

Doctor, I think I’m losing my hearing!
What are the symptoms?
It’s a show about a little yellow family, but what
has that got to do with my problem?

(If you don’t get it, look under cut for the joke)

Symptoms sounds like Simpsons


One response to “More Jokes

  1. Cute! And I got the second joke after reading it the second time!


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