Steps Left in the Cochlear Implant Process

My audiologist wrote me today. Here’s what happens next:

  • I go in for a formal CI evaluation. This is proving to be the hardest step, because it’s hard to take an entire Friday off of work just for a 30 min deal in Texas. In addition, audiologists in New Orleans are apparently hard to come by.
  • Get approval from my insurance company.
  • The next several steps will take a week. So I will schedule time to take off from work for this.
  • I will see my audiologist on day one of that week for a counseling session. I pick out the brand of implant I want.
  • The next day will comprise of visiting with my surgeon while I get a CAT scan, pre-op blood work, and a pneumovax vaccine.
  • Surgery! I spend the afternoon and evening recovering. I will be discharged early afternoon.
  • The next day is activation. I go get the incision looked at and then go see my audiologist.
  • One month (maybe) later, I get re-mapped.
  • Three months later, I get mapped again.
  • Six months later, I get mapped again.

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