Audiologists in New Orleans & Contact with Cochlear

I think there are actually a lot of audiologists here, but only two that specialize in cochlear implants. On Monday, I was able to schedule an evaluation on Oct. 24 at 2 p.m. Today I finally got in touch with the other one. This is the one I’ve been trying to contact even before I talked to my current audiologist. I’ve e-mailed her, left her phone messages, no avail. Finally I was able to talk to her today (this was after having to “yell” at the receptionist for her not calling me back – the receptionist then transfered me). She seemed rude from the start. Well, maybe not so much rude, but the whole time I felt like she was talking down to me like I was 12. I explained to her what I was trying to do – that I already had an audiologist and I was just trying to get the CI eval. done because I didn’t want to take an entire day off of work just to go to Texas for a 30 minute evaluation. Well she told me that it was “standard procedure” and that I would need to go to Texas. Granted, it may be standard procedure, but I told her that my audiologist said it was fine. Well she kept pushing it anyways. Wanted to know who I was seeing, and kept telling me that I would have to go to many appointments after the surgery. I already know that, I’m not 12, I want to pay you to do the evaluation, not to analyze my whole life. I gave up my argument after she said that she didn’t have anything available until November.

OK, rant over. Today, I got an e-mail from a person that Cochlear referred me to. They have a “match” program where they match up potential candidates with people who already have a cochlear implant. Interestingly enough, this guy actually works for Cochlear. We’ll see how this goes, but in the mean time I am talking to one, maybe two people who have them.


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